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Flutter Mobile Dart Developer (Android & iOS)
Flutter dev with background in Java/Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS.

My specialization: UI Widgets from design files (XD, Photoshop), in-app purchases (IAP), social network API (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram), image and photos, video/audio/text-chat support, REST API of any service, develop library for your service with easy and well-documented API, blockchain technologies, geolocation and maps, relational like SQLite and non-relational like MongoDB databases, cloud services (Firebase, AWS, GOOGLE CLOUD), social networks API (Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, etc), Sockets, Android SDK & iOS Kits (Camera, Phone, Contacts, Messaging, Power, Storage, Notifications, Web browser). I familiar with all modern architectures (MVP, MVVM, BloC, etc) and deep knowledge in OOP and functional paradigms. If you want to estimate my skills and code quality, you can check my portfolio, when I describe how I use these technologies to achieve project goals and attached source code examples. I prefer to use Gradle as a built tool, Git as control version system, unit testing, as testing frameworks, Slack for communicating, Redmine/Jira/Trello/Azure/GitLabetc as task and bug-tracking system. For testing purposes, I use a set of devices: iPhone, iPad LG Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, Meizu, Xiaomi, and others. They cover Android version from 2.3.3 to 10 and iOS from 11 to 13 and screen sizes from small 4-inch phones to 10-inch tablets. For every client, I propose my ideas about how to improve, make more profitable client Flutter application. I have several applications with over 10000 users, so I know how to make your application and support it to achieve maximum efficiency. My science interest is machine learning, neural networks, big data, data mining. I have worked with these technologies and I will be happy to use them in the application. It is important for me to build long-term relationships with clients, so I am primarily looking for long-term projects. I am ready to discuss requirements and communicate with your team via video-chat. Additionally, I can help you create technical and business requirements to the application if you don't fully understand which features you want.


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